Refugees seeking a fresh start in Canada amid Coronavirus face uncertain future

Across the world there are 79.5 Million forcibly displace individuals, nearly 1% of the world population. On June, 2020, during the World refugee day, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) launched in every action counts campaign, to emphasize that all contributions to creating a more just and inclusive world make a difference.

The Refugee courage and contributions- including fight for racial justice and on the from lines of the covid-19 pandemic– we should also recognize the challenges they face and offer and offer them the protections they deserve. Most refugees are keeping their life and loved ones in the dangerous confinement and areas where no adequate water and health facilities. Think of you are safe at home? It is unimaginable impact, The Refugee is facing the challenges. The courage of immigrants still hopefully surviving the world’s monitor pandemic will remain history of resilience.

Ali Mansour, The Refugee, spent his first two weeks in Canada watching through a window as winter give way to spring and back again to winter. As one of the last refugees to arrive in Canada before the boarder closed due to Covid-19 pandemic, it still felt like freedom. “It felt like I was in movie”, he said via an interpreter in an interview with the Canadian press from his home in Waterloo, Ontario.

For Mansour and thousands of Refugee set to start new lives in Canada this year- and the social and community groups providing them financial and social support- the consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic may reverberate for years. Read more on about These History

Written by: Eyasu Esayas/ @C3S


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