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The Wonderful

English- C3S



Product of Eyasu Esayas & The Wonderful  

Fredericton NB, Canada

Hopeful Class One

Hopeful is Ideal field space for people who are looking to see new life in North America. It has simple techniques and terms. .

  • Learn English
  • Pass Hopeful E- Lesson
  • Apply for Recognition 
  • File the Recognition 
  • Start Working 
  • Move Globally including Canada and USA
  • Stay and Retire in Canada
  • Complete and Conform  Signature of Hope and Life 

ABOUT Hopeful English

Hope and Learn:-  The Ideal and Wonderful lesson Provided by Dreamers of the Future.  The scope of attribution may take longer than ever Humankind could imagine. The DF (Dreamers of the future can equip every cell in one melody. Melody is the term we may use many times in this lesson. Melody of our life has love in its nature. We shall get plenty of human based theories and experiences in the lessons throughout the whole class.

Our conversation level has no proper grammatically structured lessons. We focus on the day to day basis of conversations between the East African Community and Canadian Community. It is a completely different approach and curriculum than ever provided in Google Platform. 

All Dreamers of Future can access the lesson once the registration process has completed. We will get you through deep to the o ean of Culture and Language. Tools we have on board can make you smile. Taking your time for wise choice is always lang at Canada 3 Sponsor.

Getting direct call from C3S Palace is the most surprising event to harness . The melody of hope can prevail when we start Learning.

Heading to Land

We are heading to land at the base of a Hopeful English lesson. Learning culture and Language is the basic factor and focus of the mission at Canada 3 Sponsor.

Hopeful English Class will take you all the way to success. You may not be asked to provide any credentials of Educational background and document but Our lesson provided for you free can assess all necessary entry examinations. The More DF learner scores, the better chance of getting Global. Applicants PORTAL.

START THE CLASS: There are many guidance for hopeful English learners or Dreamers of the Future. You may start from the boggier level. On our C3S platform, we call as Hopeful- E. Once the lesson stars, it has directives to assign and design a clear goal with learners. 


  1. Register with your Email address and Hopeful neme or DF code. (Use your nick name__(optional)).
  2. Country of residence – no specific  location needed
  3. Verification of Age and Documenting at Hope
  4. Congratulation letter from ●♡ https://atomic-temporary-187659147.wpcomstaging.com
  5. Free Application and Registration  document for Global Working Fellowship.

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