First Asia, Second Europe Third North America and now it is in Latin America:Take care Mom Africa; Please Coronavirus is a killer.

The deadly pandemic which has been buttering our world with loss and death. Here at our hand things are still hot zone and all sided epicenters. The epicenter of deadly coronavirus epicenter are changing, it doesn’t mean any part on the earth is safe.

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WHO has been warning the globe take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of world nation. “We all are in absolute disaster, …” Dr. Tedros Adhanom of the Global health chief said by the groaning sound in one of his daily briefing from Geneva, Swetzerland. It is our time to take all the necessary measures against the Covid-19_19 Pandemic.

Limited resources and government secrecy of different nation is taking the dangerous virus to trouble devastation.

In Wuhan China, the virus show up its hidden attack and vastly spread all over the world. So many people are suffering. We all a question in our mind. In fact we have such hopes when we get the deadly in Spain or Italy.

When the virus reaches North America, no one was guessed or ignored not to listen about its model. The funny part of it started in daily briefing while the deadly virus already grounded the killer enemy virus. As soon as the Trum’s, Today’s USA, things can never be treated as the kiddish game over there. The smart ones to blame the working society and crippling that great nation to be ashamed of such selfish inhuman move at the rate of unknown robot than human species. As long as we hate our brothers and sisters, it is clear there will be more devastation.

The death toll in Mexico and Brazil are reportedly high.  Unecxpedly, Hospitals are out of their capacity to treat the covid-19 patients.

The version of disaster is now reaching LatinAmerica and Africa. 

The economic issues are more worrying to contain the coronavirus.

United States America goverment is continually accusing China of the handing of the Coronavirus than what to do for the wave or WAVES which ate expected coming!

The most essential step to protect or loved ones on earth is by working in cooperation, . It is crucially important to stabilize our humanity and existence in this planet. The extensive moves we are experiencing so far is trouble and could have interesting consequences.

Àfricà should take àll necessary measures before the Virus put its deadly boots on the ground. All 5he warnings are true people are dying. Extreme measures must be considered to contain the deadly Covid_19 Pandemic: Corona virus.

(Let may God take càre of all)

Written by: eyasu esayas.

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Entrepreneur, Writer, Business advocate and Teacher. Nice to have every soul on board. Eyasu do adore the HUMAN Nature. Join the Wonderful Team.

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