1. (C3S) is guided by a large and diverse committee, representing a wide cross sections of Canadian good willing agencies, institutions and individuals, including settlement, private sponsorship school boards, municipal government, refugee shelters, faith groups, community volunteers and many more.
  2. We tailor our work with you as per your needs and work with the clear imagined vision with  immigration Authorities based on your specific situation. When you work with our Organization, you join hundreds of satisfied : 

Friends, families, clients, Partners and real world heroes of the challenges as yours  , who want to come to Canada for many reasons – including business, work, study, to reunite with families, live permanently, visit friends and seek refuge. 

It is for your vision, Weather you need Canadian Visa to stay, sponsor, study or temporary residence, you can contact us today to book 30 minutes immigration advice from the team.

Using our established connections with Canadian schools, colleges and universities you will get help with all kinds of study requirements for international students. Through our contacts with the settlement agencies , we are able to prepare for possible taking care of you 

  Join our leading team 

       Email us at any time for 24 hours of Service.

       We are there to help people.

      Humanly relation and the love we get is our Asset of organizational value.

It is time from you to join the team.



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