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Madeleine Tchabi Moumouni, Head of UNHCR’s suboffice in Gbadolite Democratic Reblic.of Cnngo, has one question to raise as main concern.

“During the past weeks, I was in the North of DRC to oversee the registration and needs assessment of refugees who fled violence and insecurity in CAR. Local authorities have reported 92,000 new arrivals. Many of whom are sleeping in the open or in makeshift shelters, others with Congolese families who face severe poverty. In this cercumstances, a lot of them have lost their privacy and sense of decency.”

‘ The refugees are in remote areas spread out over hundreds of Kilometres along the bordet rivers in North Ubangi, South Ubangi, and BA’s Uele provinces, and even robust vihcles can hardly reach most of the areas. So, we are going there by Motorbike , trekking to some locations and trying dugout canoes together to ferry our vihcles across the river.”

“The rainy season will start next month making the areas completely inaccessible by road. If we cannot transport emergency items for theost vulnerable before the rain starts, they will be exposed to the elements and diseases. We will be left with no option other than costly airlifts for which we do not have funding.”

Who is accountable for the catastrophic war and famine Central African Republic?


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