Ethiopia is well capable of repatriating and rehabilitating its displaced citizens due to the law enforcement operation in Tigray State, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said.

The Premier made the remark yesterday while addressing questions of MPs in connection with the current national issues.

Ethiopia has managed to rehabilitate millions of its citizens who became internally displaced person (IDP)during the last two and half years, he said adding it is an easy task for Ethiopia to provide the necessary assistance in the efforts to return home its 30,000 citizens who have recently sought refuge in Sudan.

As to the premier, many peoples require food assistance in Tigray State particularly the three week long operation has made the situation worst . “We have to give our people a hand in making their lives better again and rebuilding the state as well.”

For various known and unknown reasons,  PM Abiy said some quarters have been sensationalizing the displacement of 30,000 Ethiopians.


By Eyasu Esayas

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