“I agree with some of your points but I disagree with most of your points and approach. I agree that the Ethiopian political system hasn’t been fair, amicable and democratic in the modern sense of the term and building the nation state had its own problems. Hence solution should be made in rectifying, modernizing and democratizing the system. 

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 You Mentioned the Ethiopian Political System represents Amara and Tigre people only. 

This is a fake and false analysis, because oromo elites have been in power during the sixteenth century in Gonder palace. In the modern Ethiopia oromo elites like Ras Gobena, fit. Gebeyehu and others helped king Minilik to take power with the dominant leadership of oromo. Minilik’s mother and wife were oromo according to the historians.

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King Haile Selassie the son of Ras Mekonen Gudissa Negewo was oromo and most of his officials and generals were oromo. 

Dergue leaders and members, cadres, officials and generals were oromos. Some cadres and officials of the Dergue joined OLF.


The current government is predominantly oromo government but some oromo political elites do not want to recognize the role of the oromo elites since the sixteenth century. 

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Indeed, Amharic language has been used as an official language and Amara culture was dominant officially.  But all people were using their own language in their communication.

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The Dergue regime and the weyane regime,  17 and 27 years have introduced a lot of changes.

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