Secretary General, Anthony Gutteres, encouraged by good progress in trilateral talks to reach agreement over grand Renaissance dam. The latest call is urging and suggesting taking the dialogue back home.

The secretary general underscores the importance of the 2015 declaration of principles on the Grand Renaissance Dam, which emphasizes cooperation based on common understanding, mutual benefit, good faith, win-win and the principles of international law.

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The secretary general encourages progress towards an amicable agreement in accordance with the solution of considering the benefit of all the needy under the grace of natural resource.

It is also clear that the secretaries call come up to encourage the mutual understanding to the suffering of Ethiopian society all their time.

Ethiopians are eagerly working hard to see the history of its suffering to end. Blue Nile is flowing down to Sudan and Egypt

ending to the Mediterranean sea. Ethiopians are just looking at the river aimlessly or forced not to touch for centuries. Most of the greatest Ethiopian society have been fighting and winning as sovereign nation,.

No one can deny that

the Hero and heroes of that nation. Never tested defeat. Most of their effort is value to today’s idea of economic transformation.

Egyptians and Sudanese are our gift on Earth to be together in harmony. Ethiopians always feel the feeling of Egyptian or Sudanese feeling equally in a manner of Human existence and principle of international agreement.

If Egypt’s political leadership is heading to the era of ‘the gladiator’: better not to try Ethiopia. The political interference and unnecessary drama may have bad consequences for our mutual human existence.

Aswan Dam or Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [GERD] has inevitably equal value for the peoeple of two countries. It is obvious that Ethiopians are going to use their God given river, soon. Dialogue and peaceful negotiation for the benefit of thee countries is more important. Every one has equal right as it’s been stated in our common human agreement and international principle of agreed law.

Written by: eyasu esayas

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