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UN calls for resumption of Mediterranean rescues, after 43 die in Libya shipreck

Following another shipwreck off the coast of Libya that claimed 43 lives 15th of January 2021. The UN migration and refugee agencies have called for countries to re- activate search and rescue operations.

In a Joint statement released on Wednesday last week by the international organization for migration (IOM) and the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The two agencies expressed their sadness at the tragic event, the first of 2021 in the Central Mediterranean.

The boat reportedly capsized due to bad sea conditions when its engine stopped, just after few hours embarking from Libya city of Zawra.

The survivors received emergency assistance, including food, water and medical screening from IOM and International Rescue Committee staff. The 10 survivors mainly from Ivory coast, Ghana, Nigeria and The Gambia, reported that those who perished were allen of West African origin.

The migration and refugee agencies acknowledged the efforts made by the Libyan Authorities to combat smuggling and trafficking. They appealed for an increase in efforts to prosecute and hold accountable criminal groups responsible for human rights abuses of migrants and refugees in the country.

(Prepared by: Eyasu Esayas)


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