Trump says he has been taking hydroxy chloro-quine: is that drug advertising model?



Last time I mentioned about the issue of this planet in different manner. At this end I can explain principle of ignorance and its positive value rather the normal understanding that we have in our previous species.


Here we have the new politics. In the normal circumstance at Washington DC, Life is getting easy with Hydroxy Chloroquine. As the police of the world if Sir works like the way that big brother, is roaring: friend we will die in the coming days but not today. When you listen a politician or business man with an idea of more of it can tell you the right prescriptionIt is now completed itès very point to the principle of Ignorance. Just like there no city in America called New York.

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in today, the normal circumstances are changing. We don’t know that malaria has direct relation with corona or vice versa, It

is just for the health professionals.


 One of my neighbor from Men’s Waterproof Boots” target=”_blank”>Ginni Bissau amazed and telling me that they, Trump may know about Ebola more than then the-


American CDC. It is not a joke Shop Born Shoes Today!” target=”_blank”>people in Congo Republic are eagerly waiting to know the ability of Hydroxy as the what a hose is just roaring!

”all I can tell you be , so far I seem to be okay,”  he said explaining that he takes a daily pill.


literally, we have heard that hydroxyy or zinc. For Trump. It is helping him to tell us more. The principle is working as far as the living human can judge only what to hear or to listen. Our environmental principle is hoax. Nothing is not amazing more than simple tech ahead to listen what our politicians are telling us, you just wake up and listen that disk on top of innocent human species. Indeed, it is time to recognize human species and its value. The value where hope of its generation to exist for possible future.

By: eyasu esayas


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