Major General Mohammad Tessema,  Director-General of the FDRE Defense Force Indoctrination 

(24 November 2020)

• the TPLF junta has been undertaking various preparations to repeat the massacre it committed in Mai-Kadra in the State’s capital, Mekele city.

• the group is carrying out a special operation by some of its fighters disguised as members of the Eritrean military. This was made possible with millions of Eritrean military uniforms produced at the Almeda Textile factory in the city.

• The TPLF group rather shamelessly announced a few days ago that they have annihilated the 21st Division of the Raya Front and that their troops seized Adwa by mowing down the Ethiopian army, which marched there. However, I have visited all those places with other military officials where residents of these areas have expressed their displeasure at the junta.

• The TPLF’s plot to misinform the international community and the people of Tigray was foiled. Desperate, the TPLF is left with the only tactic it knew so well-that of massacre. The junta was preparing to repeat the massacre of innocent people it committed in Mai-kadra and that they had set up special assassins to carry out the attack.

• Deliberate distortion is another tactic being employed to make it look like the group has captured a certain areas, with some agents doing TV stand-ups in those areas.

• the group’s leaders are trying to make the law enforcement campaign look like a civil war against the people of Tigray. However, the people of Tigray testify that the campaign only targets the extremist group. They have demonstrated their support for the army in areas under its control and are expressing their displeasure at the junta.

• The extremist group was relying on massacre to gain the support of the international community by pretending that the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces had massacred innocent people. This group has no compassion for the people outside of power.

By Eyasu Esayas

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