Today at Botanic garden with Botanic choice : Tired of politics

It is just a matter of looking for happiness, isn’t it? Just looking for some more day to live.

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Natural Herbal Remedies up to 50% off - click here“>One more day on “>earth. We all know that after 200 years from know w3 will never be here. I mean . we may di3. Other round of people may come. Okay, I need someone to explain for me: How is death exactly?


Why people are not blogging about death and its character? It is full of joy to know everything, isn’t it?

Life is good when we experience normàl phenomenon. Oh, what is normal then? 

norm is a place where we start. The botanic garden. It is Botanic choice. Do you like eating meat?  Imagine, it is nice and delicious. Don’t forget you are playing Vampire character in real world. Funny isn’t it? 


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“>Eating flesh while you are flesh. Anyway around, enjoy your time. Life is not taking us anywhere but to the end. That may be death, That may be different ” target=”_blank”>dimension of life.

Other dimension of life

Next, I will take you to other dimension of life. At this point, I have you and the other people out there to look at me and  to the world. Indeed real world. Many times I pose people with many ideas.


When ideas are just collected they have no blue. It means the non living part that ñon exißtance of idea can make dimensional corner. The living corner of our understanding has always to dimensions.

Visit the living and devine approach to my website. The next dimension is life an Joy.

Thank you for joining me.


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