The Wolaytta are the most peaceful people: No reports of material damage but the government shootings caused death of civilians

It is amazing to hear the the news from.South Ethiopia. The anger of people of Wolaytta has never caused any damage as reported but the government military forces took inappropriate measures. About 30 Ethiopian citizens in South Ethiopia killed brutally by the government forces.

The peaceful Wolaytta people has raised constitutional right to self- administration in Statehood level. It is clearly stated in Article 47 of the countries constitution for possible framework of statehood and regional administration claims.

Ethiopian people are facing lack of principally strong and decision making leadershin. The Noble prize winner, Dr Abiy Ahmed, failed to fulfill any of its citizens demands rather than oppressing to shut off the decent by sending defence force.

The Wolaytta leaders and activists are released by court bill; today, on August/13/2020 following the anger of society.

The government should respect the demands of its citizens and follow the constitutional guidelines than using brutal force.

(Eyasu Esayas)

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