The Wolaytta, ancient Ethiopian tribes, are accusing the government brutality

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The Wolaytta people have been claiming their right of self- administration according to the law provided by the Ethiopian constitution. The government of Ethiopia has failed of respecting and responding to legal issues raising in all over the regions.

The Ethiopian constitution under Article 47 provides legal framework for self- determination and regional autonomy. The country has currently had Ten regional States.

The legal claim of people of Wolaytta company up with brutal military force by the regime.The regimes brutality forced the ancient Kingdom in Ethiopia to threaten the government to withdraw the military and free its political prisoners.

The tribesmen were rushed to the streets and prison camps with Bees on their container to strike any brutal force in front of them. It was their historical patriotism to stop and fiercely fight any aggression on the tribes kingdom. Today in the modern Ethiopia, they are threatening the current regime to stop any nonsense move ahead.

(Prepared by: Eyasu Esayas



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