The Wolaytta zone administrators , tribal and religious leaders  were released by court bill but the claims of statehood still remain the same.

The local Ethiopian people are urging the reformist leader to consider the Wolaytta’s legal claims. PM Abiy’s government is facing serous failure of securing its citizen from tribal based attacks.

The Recent response of Military force by the people of Wolaytta brought massive anger and basic question in the fitness of central government to hold the nation forward. It is completely unnecessary to send defense force for the Wolaytta tribesmen and women who we’re asking the government only to fulfill the constitutional demand.

All Ethiopians are urging to the government to provide clear insights and the truth about the death and injuries of South Ethiopian Kingdom. It is brutal and historical painful to listen such oppression from federal government of Ethiopia.

The people of Ethiopia demand legal response for the legal questions of the society.

(Eyasu Esayas)

By Eyasu Esayas

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