Despite all the negative narrations, Ethiopians are jumping to the highest wake of political awareness. ” In the next three years, we will work toward a market-driven interest rate that can truly be used as a monetary-policy instrument,” Yinager said Monday on the state partnered Fana Broadcasting Corporation. He added the system and the academic and principal corridor of mechanism, ” We do not have a functional signal mechanism.” Dr. Yinager Dessie is the current Governor of National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE). - Your Onlineshop for electronic brands!

   The banking system has a minimum deposit rate, currently 7%, while the lenders set their own loan prices without benchmark reference. Still, most rates are negative with inflation that was at 21.65 in June.

The government of Ethiopia is facing complete challenge in the modern history of the ancient country. The Noble prize winner Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is one of the world’s critical thinker to change the peace and negotiation discipline. In the latest findings of his book Called “Medemer”, The laureate has showed up to the modern world :- How beautiful is our human ideas whenBest Sellers in Electronics” target=”_blank”> we add it together.

DR. Abiy’s government is in the blink of flash light through the window. When things are calm out there in the streets of Ethiopia, It is not usually an indication of Peace. The volatile security scenario of the country is in bizarre but part the problem is on its way of legal system of the countries Justice department.

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The government is in the process of privatizing some state owned enterprises, including selling of monopoly ETHIO TELCOM and ETHIOPIAN SUGAR CORP’S assets. Some companies will have their debt restructured, with the government taking over part of the liabilities, Finance minister Ahmed Shide said during the televised discussion, without giving details.

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The Military power and Important corridor of Western countries, Ethiopia, is in the move from a managed floating exchange rate system, According to Dr. Yinager. Such step could be seen as key to improving and boosting foreign capital inflows.

A shortage of Foreign currency constrains repatriation of profits and makes investing in Ethiopia less attractive, Addis Ababa based Cepheus Growth Capital’s Managing Partner Berhane Demissie said during the televised discussion.

The plan of Ethiopia is to introduce a secondary market, inter-bank transactions in a country where a tiny fraction of its population of about 109 million people can access bank loans. In bid to change that, the government plans to improve its national identification system and help set up credit- reference services and expand the kind of collateral lenders can accept.

   In the land of the ancients, Hope is clearly bubbling. Ethiopia seems to go entirely green and bide to say goodbye to petrol cars. When it comes to the news of its first elctric car to our ears. One can Imagine, How that happens… And the issue of electric car and oil producing nations…Read more

Grand Etiopian Renaissance Dam

Ethiopians are celebrating their effort of reaching to see the first grand filling of the reservoir. The news of Dam’s reservoir was a breaking news but more interesting is tabloids effort to change the real vision of Whether the dam or Filling reservoir. The normal and stable minded personality never imagine war between Ethiopia and Egypt.

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The war is not the one as those tabloids narrating. When I read Tuesday, July 28 News from EGYPT INDEPENDENT, in heir from page written as “ Egypt’s Sisi rules out military action over GERD dispute with Ethiopia.” and indicating that ” Negotiations are the only way to solve the issue.”

One can imagine peaceful time between Ethiopia and Egypt. In the history of Earth, Egypt never played on the positive and empathetic role with Ethiopia. The Egyptians dared Three times to fight directly with Ethiopia. The two war time on field through Red sea and bitten badly not to repeat for century. Once again, the Egyptian tried during Seventeenth century together with their colonial power by the time British. The History has been showing Ethiopians never defeated in the war field with any of this World’s force, Astonishingly.

The war has been going on by conspiring with other selfish headed countries and world leaders for century now. It is clear example that the state of Chief, USA is siding to unfair and biased to the best of selfish foreign policy. The Move started by Ethiopians as patriots of HUMANITY:-  this century is not in favor of Fascism and brutality to proceed another more century.

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