The USA president has issued a violent ultimatum than in the history of Leadership on Earth: Notice that failing State

Darek Chauvein, the former police officer was seen on video using his knee to pin down George Floyd, a black man who later died, has been taken into custody.

The failed states law and brutality has clearly showed when the State Prosecutors have nothing to charge than firing the “wrong human” as their brutal gladiator principal law provides. The provision of all its catastrophe should be revisited in a manner of human existence in concern, inevitably.

“Mr. Floyd was held down for nearly three minutes after he became unresponsive, ” prosecutors said. It looks like they just wanted him to suffer for certain amount of time gaming. Some may think that three minute is scientific and correct because the powerlessness of the lawless brutality has no space to count the time of its evidence. All evidence can possibly work and having legal value if the Mafia collection has a second for humanity.

Human being is not only suffering but also looking the way to get rid of brutality and the new world gladiators who has blinded to be waked in time. It is better to consider change in United States of America.

The most respected human leader in unstable contry ; John. F. Kennedy died by human hand, brutally.

It is not just memory but indication of physical fight and brutal killings by the few anti-human and immortal understandings.

The new generation is reading D. J. Trump.

The D.J is writing in twitter better than freelance journalist and competing with them. The world is suffering by unknown Virus which is controversial to accept its origin. It is from China or USA. No human has evidence as for now.

The fashion of twitting  and amazing words may continue but How dare and how long are you keep on killing human being, brutally?

How long are you killing human being, brutally?

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