The Food and Drug Administration said Monday that it was revoking emergency Authorization of two Malaria drugs to treat Covid-19, saying that they are “unlikely to be effective.”

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The drugs, Hydrochloroquine and a related drug , Chloroquine, were heavely prompted by President Trump after a handful of small , poorly controlled studies showed that they could work in treating the disease.

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Mr. Trump even took Hydroxychloroquine after he was exposed to two people who had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Agency said that after reviewing some data , it had determined that the drugs , particularly Hydroxychloroquine, did not demonstrate benefits that outweighed their risks. Earlier this year , the F.D.A. issued a warning that the drugs could cause alarming heart arrhythmias.

In March, the F.D.A. authorized stockpiles of the drugs to be used in hospitals to treat patients with the virus. But in a letter Monday revoking the Authorization, the agency said that further studies have shown the two drugs were unlikely to be effective in stopping the virus, and the current national treatment guidelines don’t recommend using them outside of clinical trials.

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