Ethiopian PM once said he will never arrest someone or anyone from anywhere as citizen in Ethiopia without tangible evidence. Every part of those reformist plans are not working at least for now. The overall political field is fully accompanied by the so called elites who are focusing g their political games in ethnic and language barriers.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed has had enough experience of the protesters and the demands from the previous government. It is not the only option to provide the service to the community in volatile region of Oromiya by the military feasts.

When it comes to the massive distraction caused by the extremist groups ethnically or politically, saving the country and its citizens from such heinous attacks must be a mandatory practice. The government is trying to keep law and order in place. So far, the Oromiya region of the country is not in a stable manner with wide political divisions. It is the scenarios where every citizen should stay vigilant to protect their society and family from farther cowardice attack.

Jawar Mohammed, the prominent media tycoon called OMN, is in remand prison since the death of famous oromo language singer. The media mogul is being accused of conspiring to destroy the nation through violence and extremist mob attacks in Oromiya region and Addis Ababa. The recent move attacks caused the fatal death of 300 Ethiopian Christians and non-oromo community of the county.

The situation is feared to be worsening if the divisions in the ruling prosperity party continues in such dangerous manner.

The nation is urging the Prime minister of Ethiopia and Noble price winner Abiy Ahmed to stop the danger, immediately•

(Eyasu Esayas)

By Eyasu Esayas

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