The days of mind when I see my Ethiopia:- The Grand Ethiopian

When they talk about the deal, I left my sit to see the past. It was not only history, indeed it is life of many Ethiopians today. No water. No electricity, not allowed to work. Not allowed to ask….It was our past history with the so called “international community”. They are internationally named to observe the death of my mom but not to save any single soul on that part of the planet.

I have news from the beasts , the ones you know as the civilized money makers. The nonsense viral ideologies of our planet. ” The meeting resumed…”, so what?

So what do you want to narrate about Ethiopia? It is not enjoyable but every human must know that there is no angel between our human species. Human species… I said it. It is not wrong sentence. Our species must be revisited. The word revisited is not invmclusive about the morality of recognizing again as newly founded species in this planet. For the sake of our existence , just forget about the non glorious understanding of our nature.

” The Prime ministers of Sudan and Egypt have expressed optimism after talks in the Sudanese capital that stalled negotiations with Ethiopia on its construction of controversial giant dam on the Blue Nile would bear fruit.” ; that was the report of Al- Jazeera English service front page news for their ignorant campaign over the righteous motives of Ethiopians. Truly, the Ethiopians does dream for energy and life of hope. The Media supported by the beasts of our species manual catalogue, are hunting the innocent society on earth. If the Nile Dam is existing that should be “The Aswan Dam”. Just a point…

If Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is controversial, so do Aswan Dam. The media or any the Arab tabloids must know the that country is called ETHIOPIA.


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(By Eyasu Esayas)

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