The cruel beasts in oromia region of Ethiopia who slaughtered the innocent: Must pay price.

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It is heartbreaking to hear all the shocking news coming out from Arsi, Oromia.

We are deeply suddened by the attack of the coward beasts on innocent Ethiopians. Since the beginning of the current regime of the Noble Peace Prize Winner Abbiy Ahmed , Ethiopia is in complete chaos and suffering historical loss. It is also frightening situation where there was an indication of GENOCIDE committed in Oromia region of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government is claiming the previous separatist Tigray party which is brutal in its very foundation.

Ethiopians are urging the government to bring justice and find out those wild but asts who are attacking the nation.

Justice must Prevail !

Eyasu Esayas

Families lost their loved ones in Shemene, Oromia rigion 

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