June 15 2020 KHARTOUM reports Discussions between the three Nile countries on the filling of the $4-billion Ethiopian dam have made progress on

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Sunday and tasked Sudan with drafting an agreement on the pending issues, according to the Sudanese government.

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Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan- with participation of South Africa, EU, and The US as observers-held a fourth video conference meeting to settle the difference over the amount of water annually released for the downstream countries particularly Egypt during the long term filling of the dam which may take years of period from now.

In the other part of information, Egypt is releasing confusion to the media outlets. The latest discussion is quite significant to provide mutual understanding in overall process of the genuine development plan by Ethiopian society.


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is fully funded by The People of Ethiopia. Today’s generation is furious to seeing th3 fruit of their legacy and hard work by using the Natural resource gift of  Almighty God.

According to the current development the Ethiopian vision is quite clearly revealed to downstream countries which can benefit all its tributaries.

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The Blue Nile or Abbày is natural resource and Ethiopians are always looking forward to seeing comfortable environment and tirelessly working to the benefits of all human being in the globe.


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