Sudan asks Ethiopia to resume the stalled negotiation brokered by United States of America

Sudan has come up with a demand for possible continuation of the negotiation which is brokered by United States.

The report comes after The Sudanese Prime minister Abdalla Hancock said he demands to full agreement negotiations for the common goal of the three countries.

The above report of Prime minister Hamdok is completely misinterpreted and deflected by the fake social disaster tabloids .

 They started reporting as Sudan rejects the overall plan of building the energy need to African continent.

Egypt’s unstàble government which has sneaky surviving holes : Using the situation fo political purposes.

Indee,Ethiopian people are much eager to see their people get the demand of energy. The fastest developing ancient nation, Ethiopia, has continued with its great effort to make secured and stable society in African continent.

In the model of urgency of Ethiopian demand, The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is set to start producing energy, soon, in the near future.

Ethiopia prime minister Abiy Ahmed urged Hamdok of Sudan to proceed with the clear demand of their people.

In a letter to Ethiopia, Hamdok ,the Prime minister of Sudan, has raised his stress to the need of Trilateral agreement. It is true that Trilateral agreement which is between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt is more important than the side walk to get unnecessary political benefit.

Written By: Eyasu Esayas

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