Safeguarding against Phishing-

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Phishing emails are seemingly legitimate emails with links to websites that mimic a legitimate  site , as a login page. Phishing- emails try to trick you into revealing information,  often by asking you to “verify” or “update” a certain information,  while destination websites can contain malware. These fake emails often use the logos of the companies they are impersonating to look legitimate.

To ensure that any link you click is legitimate , better to use the following important clues.

  1. Make sure the link is legitimate 
  2. Hover your mouse over it to display URL
  3.  Make sure the destination in the website link matches the displayed link in the email.
  4. Ignore the request to “verify” or “update” if you are not aware of the link.

Some common Phishing tactics 

Messages are sent outing bulk , and not include any unique identifying information and do not address you by name. Be mindful of such emails. 

” we suspect unauthorized activity on your account.” These emails request you to respond by claiming that your account security has been compromised. In so many ways that my may ask you to get information and the extra measures should be taken to stop the attacker from Phishing into the system.

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