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There are many different ways to obtain Canadia Sponsor, stay & study plan. Here at C3S , we are able to provide immigration full following through all services that suit your specific needs and qualifications. To allow us to start conversations, please be sure to fill out the form in the top right corner of the page.

  •     Investors

Individuals with high net wealth of at least 1.6 million, that are willing to loan the Canadian government money, are able to apply for Canadian Permanent Status as Investors.

  •   Entrepreneurs

The government seeks out individuals with business experience those are looking to invest (at least $125,000 CAD) in and actively manage businesses in Canada. Entrepreneurs with the required net worth ( at least $350,000 CAD) and business experience will be provided Canadian Permanent status.

  •  Sponsorship

Eligible Canadian Citizens, Permanent residents or sponsorship holder groups are able to sponsor parents, spouse, children or refugee outside his/her country and mainly based on the qualification requirements of the Canadian Permanent residence status.

  • Temporary Residence Permit

Individuals that are successful in obtaining a TRP will be permitted to enter Canada for a specific period of time notwithstanding any existing inadmissibility issues.

  • Study Permits

Individual that have been accepted to a Canadian school are eligible to apply for and receive a Study Permit.

  • Work Permits

Canada offers a number of different types of work permits , which themselves are specific to the employee and often to the employer as well. Determining which Permit is suitable and working with both the employer and the employee in order to get the work permit.

  • Labour Market Opinions

Most Canadian work permit require a Labour Market Opinion(LMO) which effectively tests the potential job offer to determine weather it has a negative impact on the Canadian Labour Market. By working with Potential employers, C&S provides necessary services to obtain a positive LMO.

It is our pleasure to have you onboard and join our great winning team at ESSU CENTER.

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