News: Protesters in Dagahabur, Somali region of Ethiopia after shooting death of a young man by police

Addis standard staffs from Addis Ababa reported that several hundred people took to the street of Dagahabur, city of Somali regional state today to protest against the shooting death of Muktar Yare( A.K.A usama) by regional security forces.

Protesters burnt tyres and blocked inner city road in front police station and other parts of the city, two eye witnesses told for Addis Standard.

Dr. Hussein Kassim, chief of Somali regional state peace and security bureau told that the shooting happened on Thursday August 13 leading to the death of a young man during a police operation against youth violence.

Youth groups clashed and the police responded to the certain situation ,he added ” the young mandied at the hands of the police and the police officers who were involved, are in custody.” As he also mentioned about the further investigation are going on to find out more about the death and that particular operation.

In this Morning several hundred residents of the city took to the streets to protest against the killing and by the news sparked that the police officer involved was released. Dr. Hussein Kassim confirmed the protest but said they were “extended family” of the deceased boy gathered around the police station in response to the rumor that the police officers might be released,” he said.

Uneasy calm has returned in the city and the investigation is underway, So far•

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