There are three ways to immigrate to Canada. Of course the most popular option is economic immigration. However, you may also immigrate to Canada via family reunification and refugee programs.

If you are considering moving to Canada as a refugee in 2021, continue reading this article. Otherwise, click here

  • The intention
  • Resetllement
  • Claims inside Canada

The intention of refugee programs

Before packing your belongings for moving to Canada as a refugee in 2021, consider the following:

  • Canada refugee system is to protect the volunerable, not to compromise the immigration system
  • Whatever you say or submit during the process remains in the immigration system for several years
  • Needless to say, misrepresentation could result inadmissibility to Canada and even fines and jail time

Generally speaking, Canadians do not appreciate those people who abuse the immigration system. Therefore, take this route only if you believe you qualify.

Refugee resettlement

According to the official report by IRCC, Canada accepted 30,087 resettled refugees in 2019. Of course, resettled refugees ate those that leave their country and seek help from UNHCR. Consequently, IRCC accepts some of them and resettle them to the refugee in 2021 will be much better than the past years.

Protected prleople and refugee claims inside Canada

A total of 18,443 protected people became permanent residents in 2019. Of course, most of the people files for asylum inside Canada. Moreover, this figure covers the family members of asylum seekers as well.

Sometimes people become protected through other routes , such as PRRA or the ministerial relief. If you consider mosoving to Canada as a refugee in 2021 by filing for asylum, you must go through the tedious and time consuming process. Regardless, IRCC will grant permanent resedidence to.25,000 protected people in 2021.

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