Monday with white Umbrella: The rainy weather is definitely telling insane and unnameable insight

There are many types of tourists who are depending on Hotels and shops around.

A lot of Businesses are highly in need of life with tourists. It is too bad without any movement around the world.

Eyasu Esayas : may 2020

It seems the Secretary of state indication contradicts in some points with the previous. The white house is saying all the models are on our hand but a lot of it is not yet monitored.

The other part it’s impact and raising concerns we are not in the middle the crisis as messy as the World War 2. In this volatile period the county with largest economy and the worlds largest population. Where are they really heading to?

All the equations remains as significant as the indication of life and it’s existence.

Life is always in need of love. The principle of ignorance to be halted in all its vivid dimensions.

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