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Manitoba PNP invites 218 immigration candidates

Manitoba has now issued 490 invitations to PNP candidates so far this month. These time it has 218 immigration candidates to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP). Skilled workers and international graduates were invited through three immigration streams:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • International Education Stream
  • Skilled Workers Overseas

The invitations, Aldo known as Letters of advise to apply (LAAS), were distributed as follows along with their expressions of interest (EOI) score requirement:

  • Skilled workers in Manitoba- 178 LAAs with a score of at least 518;
  • Skilled workers overseas- 17 LAAs with the score of at least 681; and
  • International Education Stream- 23 LAAs, no EOI score requirement provided.

Out of 218 LAAs issued , 13 went to express entry candidates. The MPNP says they will refuse any of these candidates who do not have a valid Express Entry ID , a job seeker validation code , and verifiable experience in an occupation on Manitoba’s In-demand occupations list.

The MPNP only considered skilled worker overseas candidates in this draw if they were directly invited under a strategic requirement initiative.

If Candidates scored higher than the minimum ranking but didn’t receive an LAA , it could be because:

  • Their third party test didn’t have a valid test number
  • Their language test is no longer valid; or
  • The candidate was invited under strategic requirement initiative, but they didn’t send a valid invitation number.

The MPNP said that candidates in one of these scenarios can update their EOI profile with the correct information in order to be considered for the next draw.

Candidates who are working in a regulated occupation have been invited in this draw. The MPNP says that they may refuse candidates who ate not actually working in a regular occupation or who do not provide proof.


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