President Alexander Lukashenko has likened recent events in Belarus to color revolution, saying protesters are trying to follow a similar , foreign backed template to overthrow the government.

” Everything is clear . As we expected, everything is following the plan of color revolutions by whipping to domestic political tensions in the country, ” Lukashenko said.

The embattled leader , who has headed Belarus for 26/years , also accused foreign countries of interfering with its internal affairs and seeking regime change.

“Color Revolution” is a term used to describe anti- government movement throughout the world, particularly in the former Eastern Bloc. Upheavals in a countries like Armenia , Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan have been described as color revolutions. While the term is usually defined in the media as a “non- violent” change of government with mass popular support, these movements have often been tied to western interests in a particular region, and their opponents tend to describe them as regime change operations.

The Belarusian leader claims that there is open foreign influence in the country’s protests, rather than a spontaneous internal decision to overthrow the government, and has previously singled out Poland and Lithuania as the main culprits.

” The particularity of the situation lies in the fact that an external factor is involved, which is not always the case,’ Lukashenko said.

Several European countries including France and Germany, have been demanding the Lukashenko enter into negotiations with opposition, which they have offered to mediate . Another option proposed was to get the organization for security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) as a middlemen. Lukashenko has previously rejected such offers, while there is ongoing NSTO build-up on the Belarusian borders, which he has tied to the protestors.

“Military support for the destabilization of Belarus his evident, NATO troops are moving towards the borders,” Lukashenko claimed.

Bellarus is currently experiencing mass unrest following the results of national election on August 9, deemed by many to have been falsified. When the voting closed citizens around the country take to the streets and were met by the police,who used tear gas stun grenades, and rubber bullets, with reports of multiple fatalities. The Authorities have insisted that the tough response was justified, while Lukashenko claimed everything orchestrated by foreign hands to overthrow the government.

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