Beirut reels from a huge blast as death toll claims to at least 135.

In that shocking scenario an witness puts as follows;

“– I was just about to look at a video a friend has sent me on Tuesday afternoon-” the port seems to be burning,” she said – when my whole building shook , as if startled , by the deepest boom I have ever heard . Uneasily, naively, I ran to the window , then back to my desk to check for news.

Then came a much bigger boom , the sound itself seemed to splinter , There was shattered glass flying everywhere. Not thinking but moving, I ducked under my desk.

When the world stopped cracking open , I couldn’t see at first because of the blood running down my face. After blinking the blood from my eyes , I tried to take in the sight of my apartment turned into demolition site. My yellow front door had been hurled on top of my dinning table . I couldn’t find my passport , or even any sturdy shoes.

Later, Someone would tell me that Beurtis of her generation, who had been raised during Libanon’s 15 year Civil war, instinctively ran into their hallways as soon as they heard the first blast , to escape the glass they knew it would break. I was not so well trained , but the Lebanese who would help me in the hours to come had the heartbreaking steadiness that comes from having lived through countless previous disasters. Nearly all of them were strangers , yet they treated me like a friend. …” The New York Times

_It was the written witness of one visitor to Beirut during such dangerous scenario in the countries history.

Eyasu Esayas


An image from THE NEW YORK TIMES

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