Is United states of America taking us back to dark age of Humanity? It seems: the curse is getting worse

   If Civilization had defined in the new founded part of the world as education AND SPACE SCIENCE, It could have changed United States of America. Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS


Indeed, Civilization is not the external color or shamolla or sword of curse. It is gradual development of Human association and stable change. It is of course gradual change of many years than being easily space scientist with in four years in American colleges or Universities. It is not exactly the usage of weapon to kill human being in the modern USA army. It is not at all your furniture or material.


It is indeed Human association. It is indeed : About human being.

The discourse of words are more in practice in the modern united states state of understanding. It is forcing me to ask a question as someone observing but the victim of such horror. Is the USA in need of “Riot’ or “Revolution’ ?

Riot does not change the failure of system, definitely. It can even worsen the volatile scenario.; better to invest time to bring “>change.

Every “>human being on earth understand now that that country needs inevitable change for the sake of humanity. ((“except a single voice of Borris Johns”)). All Europeans are ashamed of “>DJ trump”s Caravan joke and the father of DJ trump was left Europe, is alts in the history book and surprise:-Are we heading to 200 year ago!

The United States history was better a hundred-year ago than today. The viral UNDERSTANDING spread all over the nation as flu. The leadership system changed to TV show of Horror movie. The leader is barking at human being. ¨¨The looting starts, The shooting starts ¨¨) says their exceptional; great leader in history. I surprise again, ¨¨Whatïf the looter is Looting a gun to shoot than the remark of the morrow:) Just skip not to say it…

SEE you soon with change for the human society than Rioting to enjoy the same system. Take your time to make this world a peaceful place for human being to live. Not Great name and Abbreviation But great Humanity. Great civilization and Human understanding. The world is tired and ashamed of looking at lucky boys and girls in North America; who have found an untouched resource and virgin land a hundred-year ago, are just killing each other now! That is shame.

Make the country called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA great again for human being. Make it great again for Human Being!


eyasu esayas : (the only soul)



Rest in Peace: George Floyd

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