The surprising //” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>question comes when we are facing corona virus and its challenging impact in the human species. I may not hesitate to blame Egyptian bankers not knowing the fact that there is something called Blue Nile.

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When it comes to money, it is about counting in the richess understanding. Richson from Masssar last time wrote, ” The pollution to our environment has a major impact for the death of our brothers and sisters on earth in New York.’ the views of Richson looks like he is following the theory of ignorance. But it is not only corona which is killing people in New York.

Half of the population is suffering of air pollution and the greedy treasury and racist morrowly devastating priciples brought our generation to the end. It is not on the theory of ignorance to say that corona has a radioactive particles passing through breathing.

I mean breathing. Indeed, breathing by itself has character of dramatic horror play, changing day and night. Corbondioxide and Oxygen are molecular gas. I said gas so it has massive light rays unseen by our eyes but flowing like Nile River down to meddeteranian.

The principle of ignorance has no value or it has a massive value as my belief.

According to today what a house understanding, things are done if the richson write whatever he likes. We may not even pretend like Hussein Obama from Rift valley. The issue of Hotel price in Rift valley has a great impact as Hussein believes to make right decision than the new York wall street catapult of new world order.

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Sudan is asking to negotiate how to council its Egyptian counterpart for possible understanding. As of today Sudanese are keenly looking to see their Ethiopian brothers achieve the dream of getting light. They even worried that the untold history at the past which was dark time to Ethiopians without using the river flowing under their bed.
According to Sudan Tribune news paper,Ethiopia’s Prime minister discuss dam and border issues on May 16, 2020.
Ethiopia’s Prime minister Abiy Ahmed and a visiting Sudanese delegation discussed the filling of the giant hydro power dam and border issues.

A Sudanese delegation headed by Cabinet affairs minister Omer Monis took part in a two-day-high level political consultations meeting held in Adds Ababa. The meeting was co-chaired by Ethiopia’s Duputy Prime Minister Demeke Mokonen and Monis from the Sudanese side.

Despite all the recent confusion raised by Egyptian politicians, Every thing is peaceful and working well. It is unfortunate that Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact than the confusion made during WHAT A HOUSE negotiation and confusion principles so far.

Written by: eyasu esayas

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