“It is baseless”, said speaker of the Foreign office, Amsalu Tizazu, in the latest interview with voice of America. He added, “The trilateral talks between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt should be restarted and the project is astonishingly proceeding as planned”

Ethiopia has prepared a comprehensive response to a complaint by the Egyptian government about the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a top government official said.

The Grand Rainaissance Dam Construction site: photo by AFP .

The minister of water, irrigation and energy, Sileshi Bekele, briefed senior government officials on Monday about recent developments surroundings the dam, the state run Ethiopian news agency reported.

Egypt submitted the complaints in the UN security Council last week as part of its campaign to stop Ethiopia from filling the dam as scheduled from July.

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it is not yet clear the Egyptian latest claim is intended to calm its internal political movement or for the common benefit on the Natural resource.

Egypt has rushed out of the table during its unknown backdoor confusion to take its claim to international society. The Nile issue is for the three countries issue. Trilateral talks and negotiations has major steps to work socially and technically. The interests of getting media coverage and political gain to deflect the foundation of the three countries historical ties, has severe consequence.

Ethiopia has started this mega dam project in consideration of meeting electricity infrastructure is very critical to sustain development in an environmentally friendly manner.

The minister indicates that filling of the dam will be managed without causing significant harm to the downstream countries,;and Ethiopia respects the fair and rational water management guidelines.

The minister didn’t hide the Egypt government’s baseless claim adding that,” The questions raised not only contradicts rights of the country to development but also lack scientific basis.”

It is a common agreement by and with downstream countries in technical and social capacities since the beginning of Ethiopian meg hydro power dam called GERD.

Latest the US brokered or sponsored talk broke down on February when US mismatched politics and sovereign value in the last understanding.

Updates indicate the civil work of Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has reached 87% and the total construction 73%.

The massive national Ethiopian Renaissance Dam launched in 2011 by the time of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The nation will always remember its capability by funding per individual bond to the later time change of its energy need.


Ethiopians are expecting better future with fulfillment of their energy needs. The national Dam is an indication of the next move to prosper ancient Nation forever as Ethiopia.


Written by: Eyasu Esayas ( under the title of ‘the move’)


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