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A senior computer network manager of a global financial services company, Peter, says they are bombarded from all directions.

“we are everything,” he says , “staff get emails sent to them pretending to be from the service desk, asking them to reset their log- in passwords.

“we see workers being tricked into downloading view ruses from hackers demanding ransoms , and we have even employees sent whatapp messages pretending to be from the CEO, asking for money transfers.”

With one in three UK. workers currently based exclusively at home. The same level in U.S., this remote working on a vast scale continues to be a major headache for the IT security bosses of companies large and small around the world.

The report also found that two it of three employees who potentially printed sensitive work documents at home admitted to putting the papers in their bins without shredding them first.

Peter, the computer network manager, says this engagement should be frequent. “Users should be suspicious of anything that they are not 100% confident about , and it doesn’t hurt to ask your IT department. It is better to check than be compromised.”

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