“12. 12. 12) is the name given by the protest organizers who can only see themselves through social medias. Despite of the wide media campaign by the group of people supporting Mr. Jawar Mohamed, there is no sign of particular organization responsible for any calls of the protest.

Federal police is warning any move to protest on this day is illegal and should be restrained. The commissions office has pointed on those who are participating any of the illegal protests must be responsible for any consequences.


In other news, Mr Jawar Mohamed has complained in a court room that he’s been critical sick for three consecutive days and the police officers refused for him medication. The complain has not valued anything but the Prosecution department promises its commitment to fulfill legal right of its client in prison.

The court proceedings of Mr. Jawar Mohamed is adjourned after two days for court hearings after interruptions by the complains of the accused.

Oromia region in Ethiopia has tensions with the ongoing political turmoil and extremist cells terrorizing the nation since the beginning of the new regime two years ago.

  Some differing views in social media…(Screenshots)

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