EU calls for mutually beneficial settlement for Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam dispute

May 28, 2020

— The European Union’s foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrel called for a mutually beneficial agreement ending the dispute over the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

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On Thursday, Borell who is the high representative of the Union for affairs and security policy/vice President of the European commission discussed the issue in a phone call with the commissioner of the African Union Peace and Security commission.

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” It is now important to avoid further escalation and find an urgent and mutually beneficial solution, ” said the EU’s top diplomat in a statement released after the phone call.

The high representative underlined th3 EU’s readiness to support the parties in this endeavor and share its expertise, ” said in the latest remàrks at this point.

The three countries àre in a series of mediation efforts organized by the Sudanese government.

The tension and all confusion where the Egyptian government is claiming, has baseless whether technically or naturally as of the Ethiopian perspective.

Ethiopians are Clearly planned ànd “>organized worldwide scientific research before the very beginning of its Mega Project. It is true that today’s, Ethiopian generation belief: “GERD is generational legacy where Ethiopians enjoy God given Natural resource.”

The three countries has multiple ties in the nature beyond the River connection. The society in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt have màny cultural and economic similarities in the region. The harmony and natural possession of humanity should be in concern than the discourse of brutal colonial era in Egypt.

Indeed, the so called “right” granted by the colonizers of Egypt has no value to Sovereign Ethiopian Nation which is not part of any Colonial catastrophe.

The efforts and great initiations of EU and AU- is always appreciated and the role of Sudanese government at this time could take further step for peaceful and mutually benefiting resolution for the disagreement.

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