“The century of information”; said the former  Defense Secretary Collin Paul during the invasion  in Iraq. It is not yet clear where our world information to be restored for safety matters.

I have been reading and following  so many disco’s whether pure and righteous  or evil and disastrous.  Do anyone think I am fine? No I am not. Feeling  of filtering to accommodate the correct sense to my brain is challenging. 

I am eagerly  mentioning  the crisis in Ethiopia  as dilemma of partial media war.

    Media war

Ethiopians are in the middle of new decision  making era. Every part of society association are completely  tied with media and political campaigns.  There is no complaints  about untimely modern social media  platform Timely ideas are more important  for the needy to consume but the manipulation  of information  to defect the reality  has caused bizarre.

Today’s  politics  in Ethiopia is just inclined and articulated  by tribal stand point. The New normal in Ethiopian  politics has come as tribal matter since the dictatorial TPLF regime touched the ground in Addis Ababa. Indeed  it is not only the North Ethiopian Separatist Front of that time called TPLF but also the western Horse riders, Who are backing of their selfish interests. 

The recent motive of Ethiopian  politics is beyond the spirit of its native society.  The intrusion of foreign hands and usual sabotage of Egypt are ongoing challenges for hope and stability of the nation. When the term ‘interfere’ comes, every part the collection take to brain washing with financial resources. The media outlets are unfairly siding to glamour of sweets than facts and truth on the ground. 


I am very appreciating  to have the media called Voice of America in our part of planet’s information sources. It is not my basic intention to blame any of the author or participants of these particular media however the underpinnings are more in concern.

As I mentioned above; Ethiopian politics is more of tribal content, recently.  Many have not felt guilty or hesitated not to be hypocrite when they categorize their mind to binding tribal corridor. Many have not hesitated  to grab the tentative blessings  from secret catalog. 

Here is your look then how our international  media are unfairly slept at the ditch.

When it comes to fairness of media, it may take us to another century war. Media are backed by the richest business persons, Political name holders, Military power lillies and Juncky money missionaries.  One can easily get confused by the hope of thinking  about changing to common humanity. The term Humanity is code of undying movie persona to those in its stupendous business. 

The random publishing and discourses  of voice of America is clearly deviding Ethiopian into two categories.  The insane part of it is biazed awarness of the countries  historical background. The specific  media has business infection of categorizing to tribal sectors. They are not even ashamed for a second to devide the nation. It is not astonishing  for someone who does follow every steps  of the information  storagewhich  is just being  processed. 

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