Statement by the prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s office says military offensive ‘has reached its final stage’.

Ethiopia’s prime minister said on Thursday the army has been ordered to move on the embattled Tigray regional Capital after his 72 hour ultimatum for Tigray leaders to surrender ended, and he warned residents to stay indoors and disarm.

The statement by Prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s office clearly explained the objectives of the law enforcement operation. The office mentioned that 72 hours of ultimatum achieved the aim of minimizing the operation related crisis as thousands of Tigray militia and special forces surrendered during the period given to use effectively.

The United Nations has reported people fleeing the city and it’s not clear how many people in Mekele received the warnings.

The law enforcement operation is underway and it’s expected to end when the security of the nation get to stable conditions.

By Eyasu Esayas

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