Ethiopian Tigray Regional votes, defying federal government and PMS

Tigray Regional votes in Ethiopia has caused worry of a turmoil with the central government. The defiance of Tigray People’s Libration Front not to obey the constitutional mandates which is given full authority election board. The election commission reasonably delivered its decision to overlook by the House of Parliament and it’s postponed to the unknown future.

In all this history of election and its postponement , the house of Federation over-viewed the constitutional interpretation and reached to house of Federal decision make as loudly pronounced,` Null and Void`. Despite of the HoF decision ,Tigray election has set to be held on today,9th of September.

Read more on this history…for more insights… Ethiopian Latest News and Point of View 24/7 By ELIAS MESERET ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — People have begun voting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region in a local election defying the federal government and increasing political tensions in Africa’s second most populous country. Tigray officials have warned that an intervention by the federal government…

Ethiopian region votes, defying federal government and PM

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