Ethiopian premier changes and reshuffles cabinet after the dangerous crisis in the country

The move of Prime minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia comes after amid of danger instigated by ethnic violence. In most of the international observers, the crisis is counted as genocidal in all its aspects of ethnic and religiously targeted attacks.

The PM Abiy’s government is facing huge loss and dangerous move even before the brutal attacks in Oromia regional state of Ethiopia. It is disappointing that most of the suspects of genocidal crime are members of the ruling Prosperity Party which is created since the reform of the nations politics.

Today, the whole view of the central government and the society in general changed from political competition to saving the nation from disaster of collapse and defending the interests of its people in the future. Oromia region remains the volatile scene of all the brutal danger and cowardice attacks so far.

Prime minister Abiy replaced Defense minister Lemma Megerssa by Kene Yadeta. The change has significant impact in the political circle of the nation. Lemma Megerssa was believed ad the head of reformist ideologist to bring Dr. Abiy Ahmed into power. Since the creation of the recent ruling prosperity party, there is no peace for one day in the country. Every groaning and sound of death coming from the region of oromo ethnic region which is the area where human being is suffering.

The Oromo ethnic politicians are taking their claim by demanding the suspect of genocidal crime in Ethiopia called Jawar Mohammed. Diasporas, specially USA based and armed to incite the heinous crime are still barking at the streets of the Western world. Ethiopians are brutally killed by their hand of evilish affiliations for such disaster.

Recently, the government promised to bring law and order in place.

(Eyasu Esayas)

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