Covid-19 and Election :- Just the basic challenges to the Nation. It is wise enough to every society to understand the scenario in genuine manner.

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This challenging period will have negative and positive results in our generation beyond taking it as the tragedy in our History.

Ethiopians are always in great shape when it comes to the Nations Moral. The Sovereign nation has clear vision of not attacking any of its neighbors rather than working together for mutual benefits.

The current attractive effort of Sudan government is quite significant effort to proceed with our clear and genuine association as it’s been respected since the creation of the earth.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is the historic Legacy of the living generation as the brave society for the future of energetic Ethiopia. The county has great hope that its development and environmental plan and strategy can transform Africa and the world out of poverty. The optimism has resulted in building the Dam with clear vision and understanding with basic concern of Sudan and Egypt. The Over all project has founded in a manner of scientific findings and in its adequate consistence of principles in the international society.

Ethiopian election commission and the“> Parliament has reached to common agreement to suspend the election date from nine months to one year period.

It’s seriously advisable to observe the current handling of Ruling Government body and the rivalery or opposition movement confused the status of fact. 

To observe and take genuine individual findings: I am inviting watching Abbay Media Interview with Activist and Opposition party leader Jawar Mohamed.

Eyasu . E

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