Turkey is one of the front countries responding for quickly or timely for help in difficult times. Filson Abdullahi, Ethiopia’s, Minister of Women, children and youth, said on Tuesday.

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The ” target=”_blank”>minister was speaking during handover ceremony of a donation made by Yapi, Markezi, a Turkish construction company of dry food in support of flood victims in the Somali regional state in Eastern ” target=”_blank”>Ethiopia.

“We have been soliciting and mobilizing resources in response to the pandemic (Covid-19) , and the Turkish government and investors were among those who came forward with positive and rapid responses,” she said.

Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Yaprak Alp on the occasion said they ” Not only government but our private sector rose to occasion .”

” target=”_blank”>Despite 8nvesting and economic ties between the two countries, there is still many things to work. The Turkish movement in some part of East Africa, including Somalia, has untold rumors in the impact of regional security.

It is crucial moment in Africa to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. The security situation of the Continent is big concern to bring back business to normal.

Written by :Eyasu Esayas

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