Constitutional inquiry, which is recently established and a televised consultation of lawyers and constitution experts to reflect on the article of the constitution of Ethiopia. The coming election of the country has so many questionable ways ahead with corona virus and the new established ruling party internal crisis, are issues inevitably happening.

Article 54b of the constitution makes mandatory to Ethiopia to hold free and fair election every five years. While Article 93 gives the mandate for the government to postpone election during challenging times.

Article 93 of the constitution is crucial to put impact for the protection of article 54 of the constitution that makes mandatory for Ethiopia to held election in every five years, according to experts.who presented their views.

” What we have before us is an extraordinary interpretation necessitated by in the situation where we are heading to postpone the election by mostly reasoning that the challenging time of Covid_19 as reason so far which forces the country to discuss about problematic interpretation of the countries constitution.” says Tesfaye koroto, An expert In Constitutional law from Addis Ababa.

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By law, Ethiopia’s Parliament will reach the end of it constitutional five-year terms on October 5th. That could leave the country without legitimate Parliament or government.

Now, with the polls postponed indefinitely by Covid-19, Ethiopia is approaching a constitutional crisis.

Written by; eyasu esayas

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