Ethiopian government SHOULD fix the broken door in Somali-land: caution with any hole and gates

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Somaliland  is a territory  of the Somali Republic  waiting  any good day to be a country.  Imagine the mood of attempting  to divorce with great Somalia Republic. The history  of the Somali_land may end if any motive accompdates footie foreign hand. Any fishy move have a sense 0f danger.

Ethiopians are working  to fix the security  situation  inside or outside its sovereign  territories.

The following is latest report from “The East African

         ■Ethiopian  reads mischief in Egypt plan for Somaliland Military base

Ethiopia  on Monday warned Egypt against establishing any military base that would  pose a security threat to the East African region. 

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The reaction comes days after an Egyptian delegation met  Somaliland  President Musa Bihi Abdi in Hargessa where the two sides discussed Cairo’s proposal  to set up a military  facility in the self- declared Somalia state.

“As a soveriegn country, Egypt has a legitimate right to create relationships with any country in the region, ”  Ethiopia’s ministry  of Foriegn Affairs spokesperson Dina Mufti, told The East African.

However, he added that Egypt’s relationships should not be established at the expense of another country.

“If Egypt’s intent to have a presence in the region would be athreat to a third country, that won’t be appreciated,” he said.  “In these case we need to have concrete instances of what’s happening.  We hope it won’t  be at the expense of Ethiopia or any other neighboring countries because  if so, it would be unlawful, against  humanity and international peace and security. “

Ethuopia has a good relationship with most of its neighbors including ” target=”_blank”>Somaliland.

It’s  not yet known if Somaliland has accepted  Egypt’s proposal , but the two have reportedly reached an agreement “on the exchange of high level representation offices in Hargessa and  Cairo.”

An Ethiopian team led by Finanace Minister Ahmed Shide went to Hargeissa days after the Egyptian delegation had paid a visit.

But Mr. Dina has rejected speculations that Ethiopia’s visit was due to concerns over Egypt’s  plan.

“These are routine schedules aimed to discuss bilateral relations between the countries and it has nothing to do with the Egyptian delegation’s visit to Somaliland.”

(-The East African: Tuesday, July 28/2020)

By: Eyasu Esayas

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