It is well-known tragedy that Ethiopian have been facing external threats concerning Abbay(Nile) river. 85% of the river is from Ethiopia. For centuries Ethiopian are fighting to survive the starvation and hunger created National threat by external enemy.

United states of America is preaching through its framework in Minneapolis to destabilize our country. The position of this world is changing. Imagine 95% of the negotiation is completed. Why is United Nation Security council (UNSC ) interfere?

The world must know that there is a conspiracy going on to commit Genocide in Ethiopia.

We, Ethiopians, are brave enough to survive through fire.(Notice from Last Century)

Egypt should follow the peaceful and understandable usage and sharing of Nile river than the drum of war. In twenty-first century : USA may never succeed by threatening our sovereignty in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian should be respected and listened than intimidating the ancient hero/heroes Ethiopian society.

Ethiopian are naturally strong and brave to secure their mother. It is completely brutal approach from United states and threatening our society not to touch Nile river.

I am asking all Ethiopians to stand together and stop the genocide calls from external hands. 

By Eyasu Esayas

Entrepreneur, Writer, Business advocate and Teacher. Nice to have every soul on board. Eyasu do adore the HUMAN Nature. Join the Wonderful Team.

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