The Ethiopian government health officials are reporting the highest number of infections in the country on Friday. 1086 new cases on Friday and more alert mentioned by the officials about the worsening situation by the spreed  the virus in the country. 

At this time Ethiopia has fully committed to follow the health guidelines to stop the spreed of the pandemic in the last five months.

The volatile political scenario in the county brought massive protests and public gatherings despite of the efforts in the community to tackle the Corona virus and the worst consequence feared for the future.  indeed massive aid workers and local health officials are quite vigilant by tracking and testing of the covid- 19 emergency and the cause of the pandemic.

Details as of Friday 14-08-2020 :-

  1.  13 new deaths, bringing the total toll of 492 
  2. 1086 new cases, bringing the total cases to 27, 242
  3. 195 patients currently identified as severe cases
  4. 11,660 total number of patients who recovered
  5. 567,442 total laboratory tests conducted so far.
14-08-2020 Ethiopian covid 19 new cases

(Prepared by: Eyasu Esayas)

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