Ethiopian security forces closed a community radio in Wolaytta soddo and shut down the only local civil society radio. Wogetta FM 96.6 station started streaming on December 11, 2017 with a license registered by the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority (EBA).

The station is known for its local <a href="http://Free Shipping on US orders over $49 USD and 5 lbs or less at!” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>language contents focusing the Wolaytta community development. The community which suffered major discrimination and country wide government brutality as it is being seen in this week by the reformist leader PM Abiy Ahmed administration. One can imagine that the country’s legal authorities are shutting down the only Wolaytta language broadcasting station. The language widely spoken by 15 Million South Ethiopia, The Wolaytta has only one radio station which is established in 2017 but fully controlled and owned by the Federal government.

Yeshiwork Girma, Head of Media follow-up directorate to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority said that the Authority was informed about the situation and were looking at the matter about the complaints with due procedure however they are yet to get more details. It seems the Authority has not in its full awareness of what is going on with that community radio in Wolaytta Sodo for the listeners who have no other option in their local tongue.

Wogeta FM served as the Primary source of information during the protest in the last six days when internet data was disconnected. The radio station reported the overall updates from the areas where protests were happening and about the brutally handed actions off the security forces.

There was no reports of material damage and violence But the government forces brutally killed more than 30 innocent civilians. It is completely praised that the motives of particular protest was quite peaceful. Everybody in Ethiopia confused with the actions and decision making efforts of the current Ethiopian government.

Amnesty international and many international human right organization including CPJ, are blaming the recent human right situation in Ethiopia. It is more of the safety and security of the nation than individually based political administration where Doctor Abiy Ahmed is wallowing in the middle of scene•

(By: Eyasu Esayas)

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