Ethiopians are facing the external threat and facing challenges. The enemy has planned and directly assassinated the Ethiopian musician and icon of oromo music, Acaalu Hundessa.

The planned assassination of, Hacaalu Hundeesa, is completely vile intention of fascism from foreign enemies. Ethiopians are planning today to start filling Grand Ethiopian Rennaissance Dam even prior to July. It is already, July one today but as braves believe it can be the usual greatness. Ethiopians are not running to make History. The great nation, Ethiopia, has enough history and they are not  preaching the Greece philosophy called democracy.

No one has right to preach hatred and telling us/ claiming of about freedom speech. It is not freedom speech when you are planning to collapse Ethiopian and officially opened hatred media houses. It is shame to listen about democracy and freedom of speech while the vile intentions are taking the nation into danger.


The fake news and vile scam right may have important position in USA but it has no space in Ethiopia. Naturally freedom of speech is calture in Ehiopia,. Indeed, Ethiopians are not ready to copy and paste the brutal violence sounds and bublling from Washington Dc.

It is today, Ethiopians are under security lock down . The government security activity will continue for the next few days until the government controls and filters the external threats.

Every human in Ethiopia are asked by the government to cooprate with the security system.

: Eyasu Esayas


By Eyasu Esayas

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