Recognizing that Covid-19 is spreading rapidly around the world, is now declared pandemic and remarkably devastating the overall status of our solar system.


Reminding that those who are operating wherever in the universe can feel the danger of Coronavirus. It is as similar as knowing that we all face covid-19 globally.

In some part of the earth, it is quite miracle.

In Italy life line death, badly hit elderly and loved ones. Sad in the history of that Nation.

In China, You can’t imagine the number of death. It is much higher than gold. Shocking figure.


In Ethiopia, the number of new infection cases raising more than 200 as of today.

Being awared that the pandemic has also huge impact in religous communities and social institutions in various ways, including the cancellation of Congregations and pilgrimages related to observances and religious festivities as well as the forced closure of all the sites.


Here, we have a claim from Egypt to the United Nations Security council regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. It’s been reported the filling of the reservoir will start soon in July.

According to Ethiopian perspective Egypt is planning a baseless game to play.

Whoever forced the ruling Egypt government not to follow tripartite negotiation, is raising concern of crossing that single dot color line.

It is better to consider the overall interests of nations, peoples and ecological system to be prioritized to our foundations. Dressing with the cotton of blurred Colony is not a good position for the sovereign nation.

During every good and bad times, : the three countries, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt has been living in harmonious nature of their existence by the blessing of Almighty.

Today, dragging that melody of Colonial Era drum has negative consequences. It is clear indication of different benefits by color chairing up in the melody of those time.


We are eagerly looking to see the better future of the region.

Abbay : The Blue Nile is the life line of Ethiopia and source of Ethiopian mountain roaring down the stream into Mediterranian. It is enough resource when we all consider ourselves as the right human for the nature. Seeking to common understanding and mutual benefits for sustainable peace and security of our environment.

Written by: Eyasu Esayas




By Eyasu Esayas

Entrepreneur, Writer, Business advocate and Teacher. Nice to have every soul on board. Eyasu do adore the HUMAN Nature. Join the Wonderful Team.

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